Monsoon Storm Preparation

There are several factors that make the monsoon hazardous for your homes, especially your trees. Many times the winds racing at 60 mph plus and pouring rains can create the perfect conditions necessary for complete tree collapse. If your tree is close to your house, overhangs your roof or is big enough to hit your house it would be wise to get that tree checked out.


During the high winds, a tree with a full canopy is more likely to fail as it acts like a wind sail on a boat and catches all of those winds. With nowhere to go, the pressure from the tree canopy will pull against the base of the tree and eventually snap from the stress. The water will also be a dreaded enemy during the season. As it pours onto our soil, it loosens the dirt causing the roots to have less stability. On top of that the water also adds extra weight to the canopy of the tree by being absorbed into the wood.


To better protect your trees and maybe your home as well, the best thing to do is to have the tree cleaned out alleviating the majority of the top weight and further mitigating the chances of it falling over during the high winds. For smaller trees without much support or a great root system, duckbill systems and staking can do a great deal of help for fighting the wind storms. So we recommend that you do everything you can to prevent this from happening to you.


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